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Restaurant Poll 2016: Johnathan Waters

Things seem to change slowly at Chez Panisse, where the house red has been the same zinfandel for decades. Read more ⇛

Cityscene DC: The Royal

The Royal opens early, serving cappuccino and breakfast arepas; by lunch time, the wine is flowing, glasses of Vinho Verde or Cava washing down salads of grilled avocado and quinoa. Read more ⇛

Restaurant Poll 2016: Henry Beylin

Gjelina is now eight years open, no longer the new face, no longer trendy, and busier than ever. Read more ⇛

The Apple, Distilled

In today’s fast-moving world of spirits, Calvados is an anomaly—one well worth checking out, finds Jordan Mackay, reporting from Normandy. Read more ⇛

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The NoMad Cocktail Book and The NoMad Cookbook

Tucked into a pocket on the back cover of The NoMad Cookbook, bartender Leo Robitschek’s ode to the NoMad cocktail bar is understated and elegant, detailed down to minutiae, just like its namesake. In among the cocktail recipes, which he’s organized just as he does the bar menu—aperitifs, light spirited, dark spirited, classics and soft cocktails—he’s woven in the sort of information that illustrates why every drink at the NoMad stands out, from tips on minimizing waste (start with the ingredients needed in the smallest volumes) to choosing a proper sweetener, comparing Brix in syrups made ...Read Full Book Review

Review by Caitlin Griffith on Feb 5th 2016 in Books, February 2016

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The trio makes their way to their final winery visits at Samuels Gorge and Wirra Wirra.

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January 2016 Red Discovery: De Martino 2013 Choapa Valley Legado Reserva Syrah (Best Buy)

wine review by Patricio Tapia

In the midst of the Andes, around 180 miles north of Santiago, Choapa is a remote and isolated area for growing grapes. Only ...Read Full Wine Review


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    Krautfleckerl (Pasta with Cabbage and Caraway)
    Adapted from Heidi Schröck

    Serves 4 to 6

    posted on January 7th, 2016