June 1997

In This Issue:

What is This Thing Called Merlot?

Ben Giliberti explores the varietal character of merlot. What is this popular grape supposed to taste like when it's grown well in Bordeaux, California and Chile?

In Tapas Veritas

Spain's ultimate bar snacks are the latest restaurant trend in the States. Jim Leff explains why they don't often translate well, and gives a few clues to look for when hunting down authentic tapas.

Perhaps It's the Gin

This spirited essence of juniper comes in many guises. Harriet Lembeck conducts a tasting of the best, while Michael Kinney traces the history of gin from its birthplace as Dutch genever.

The Name of the Vine

Viticultural history is being made in Portugal, as a wealth of indigenous grape varieties are slowly reclaiming their rightful place among the world's most distinguished vines. Rod Smith reports on a revolution in Portugal's vineyards, and the great modern wines to expect from these ancient varieties.


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