Winter 1997

In This Issue:

Introduction to the Issue

Winery of the Year Directory

W&S Calendar of Wine Events for 1998


A look at some of the year's best offerings on wine, spirits and food by Tara Q. Thomas


Some of 1997's most intriguing examples of the distiller's art by David Lynch.


A sampling of barware and more new to the scene this year.


Selected sites of interest to wine lovers by Dakkan Abbe.

Man of the Year

João Nicolau de Almeida

Wine Finder

A reference to the wineries and importers of all wines recommended in 1997.

Mail-Order Resource Guide

Services, accessories and publications.

American Wineries of the Year

In four categories: Multi-Source; Regional; Estate; Artisan

Wineries of the Year Directory

International Wineries of the Year

By Country & Region

100 Best Wines of the Year

80 Best Values of the Year