June 1998

In This Issue:

Beyond the Boutique

Napa's new wave of limited-production wineries is more than just a collection of the idle rich. Rod Smith reports on the quest for excellence among today's cabernet artisans.

Bourbon, Blue Grass & Butterbean Soup

David Lynch offers a whiskey-lover's guide to touring in Kentucky's Bourbon Country.

Miles of Aisles

What wines do people have in mind when they're shopping for values? Tara Q. Thomas goes on location at Sam's Wines & Spirits in Chicago to spy on the habits of bargain-hunters

Great Finds: Merlot

Super-sexy Tuscan merlot by Tom Maresca The discreet charms of Chilean merlot by Joshua Greene.

Great Finds: Value

Bordeaux bargains by Clive Coates MW Affordable American pinot noir by Emmanuel Kemiji MS.

Top 20 Value Brands of the Year

W&S critics Joshua Greene and Burke Owens profile the most consistent performers at $8 and under.


June Tasting Stats
Burke Owens: American New Releases
Value Varietals & Regional Blends $8 and under
Joshua Greene: Imported New Releases