Fall 1999

In This Issue:

Humble Beginnings

Equity investor David Lee's advice on getting started with wine.

The Talent Pool

Microsoft's Nathan Myhrvold provides insight into finding the right wine on a restaurant list.

The Bubble Economy

Tully's Coffee founder Tom O'Keefe describes what's distinctive about Champagne and other wines from a place.

The Right Hire

Captura Software's Dana Bruttig tailors the choice of wine to the sales call.

Special Issue:
Guide to Wine as a Business Tool

The deal with wine. Eight leaders of the New Economy provide advice on an internet start-up and on closing the deal with wine. A story in eight parts by Bruce Schoenfeld.

Refresh the Plan

Investment banker-turned-Franciscan Estates president Jean-Michel Valette on the staying power of white wines.

Make it Simple

Filmmaker/winemaker Francis Ford Coppola brings wine and food down to earth.

The Payoff

Kleiner Perkins' Ted Schlein on California's cult cabernets.

Out from Port

Carnival Cruise Lines president Bob Dickinson on developing a wine collection.


Tips from the Pros
Passing the Bar
Varietal Basics
Regional Differences
Sparkling Wine & Champagne
Light White Wines & Rich White Wines
Light Red Wines & Robust Red Wines
Sweet Wines