December 2001


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Reims: Crossroads of Champagne
Jean-Louis Carbonnier gives an insider's guide to the finest cafes, the most intriguing shops, the best hotels and the friendliest caves.


Beyond Beluga: A Guide to American Caviar
Enterprising domestic producers have stepped into the fray with some top-quality caviars, and Tara Q. Thomas taste-tests a path through the choices.

Not Your Grandfather's Nebbiolo
To barrique or not to barrique may provoke more arguments, but
Tom Maresca
finds that the most surprising changes in Piedmont lie in the vineyards.


Madeira at Its Best
This uniquely American wine -- the Declaration of Independence was toasted with it -- actually comes from a tiny island off the coast of Portugal. Madeira's storied past and promising future as seen by Peter Cobb.


Furmint & Revolution
David Schildknecht investigates the remarkable Tokaji renaissance, soon to reach fruition with the extraordinary 1999 vintage.


Scion Language
Every wine has its story, but where does that story begin? Rod Smith reports on the vinous lineage of some of California's most famous cabernets.