June 2002


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In This Issue:

Barcelona: Where Cava Meets Catalan Cuisine

Ray Isle takes a night-time tour through the best wine & tapas bars of Spain's most international city.

Highway 29 Revisited

W&S heads underneath the glitz of California's premier wine region with Jordan Mackay, as he checks out the hidden spots where Napa Valley's insiders spend their time.

In Favor of Restraint: Picking the Right Merlot for Dinner

Taylor Antrim talks to restaurants around the country, with an eye to pinning down the ever-shifting personality of merlot.

Value Brands

Looking for the best buys under $15? Patrick Comiskey and Tara Q. Thomas take a look at W&S's top-performing value brands, both American and imported.

The Specialists

The best, most affordable Aussie shirraz? Burgundy that won't break the bank? Patrick Comiskey gets recommendations from retailers who make the intricacies of individual wine regions their business.

Good and Plenty

Once home to an ocean of unexciting red wine, Italy's Abruzzo is undergoing a quality renaissance. Tom Maresca investigates.

Napa Valley's Right Bank

Rod Smith heads for windy, coastal Carneros, where the region's cool soils are producing some of California's best merlot.

A Vintage Comparison: Bordeaux 1998/1999

In our most comprehensive Bordeaux review ever, W&S takes a look at over 175 wines you'll find on wineshop shelves right now. Plus a special profile by Fiona Morrison, MW, of our two top-rated wines: Château Pétrus and Vieux Château Certan.