Fall 2003 Special Issue

"Guide to Tasting Wine"

Letter from the Editor

Tasting Introduction

Year's Best Syrah  & Zinfandel

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American Syrah

Australian Shiraz


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In This Issue:

W&S Sommelier Poll
Best New Sommeliers - 2003

We polled hundreds of the nation's leading sommeliers to find five of the hottest new talents serving wine today.

What to Say to a Sommelier
How do you talk about something as vague as taste? Ray Isle interviews wine buyers, sommeliers, collectors and writers for their tips on ordering wine in restaurants.

What to Order?
What's a great wine with roast duck? When you've got a rare steak sizzling on your plate, do you prefer cabernet or shiraz? W&S presents a range of wine options for twelve classic restaurant meals plus the recipes so you can try them at your own tasting party.

Making the List
Melissa Clark visits two restaurants building their wine lists from scratch. What goes into making an award-winning list?

Cellar Confidential
Babbo is one of the most sought-after reservations in New York, and W&S special correspondent David Lynch heads up its wine department. For our special issue he uncorks the truth about restaurant wine sales.