August 2004

August 2004 Tastings

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sauvignon blancs, fumé blancs, pinot gris, marsannes, roussannes & viogniers.

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In This Issue:

The Sáicar to Tia Juano
The margarita may be America's most popular cocktail, but Tequila's talent for mixing doesn't stop there. David Wondrich investigates.

Gray on Gray
Rod Smith looks into the rise of pinot gris in Sonoma - the grape that may one day challenge chardonnay.

Foraging at the Ferry Plaza
San Francisco's Ferry Plaza has always been a landmark, but now it's also the city's premier wine and food destination. Patrick J. Comiskey wanders among the market stalls.

Small Plate Olympics
Greek food isn't just souvlaki on pita - and it's ideal fare for almost any wine. Tara Q. Thomas checks into authentic Greek mezedes for your Olympic viewing.

Pressing Matters
Ray Isle finds out why more and more wineries now produce top-flight olive oils, and tastes a few of the best.