April 2006

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Short Finish
Threw a Glass, Darkly by David Darlington

Rod Smith
Looking to glass as the perfect closure

Joshua Greene
Madrid's traditional tavernas sin fusiòn

Spirits: Extreme Cognac

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Wine Destinations
New Wave Indian cuisine, real Iberian tapas with wines to match and sophisticated Argentine food with great malbec-W&S profiles thirteen restaurants leading the trends.

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Pinot Noir Taboo
With the recent boom in pinot noir sales, where is all the new wine coming from? And why is it so dark and rich? Jordan Mackay asks why vintners are so afraid to talk about blending pinot noir.

Higher Ground
David Schildknecht visits some of Europe's most extreme riesling vineyards to witness the effects of global climate change on high-altitude viticulture.

Undiscovered Italy
Alan Tardi looks to Campania and Piedmont for some of Italy's most unusual wines, like asprinio, which is grown just north of Naples on vines trained to climb trees.

Four-Star Power
Patrick Comiskey surveys the fine dining scene in Los Angeles and discovers a new generation of chefs and sommeliers assimilating LA's ethnic food into some of the most sophisticated cuisine in the country.

17th Annual Wine & Spirits Restaurant Poll
The 50 Most Popular Wines in America's Most Popular Restaurants. Wine & Spirits' exclusive report on wine trends and hot brands in AmericaÍs top dining rooms.