August 2006

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Destination Healdsburg


Critics' Picks: Best Values

Spirits: Tequila
A reposado round-up by David Wondrich

Joshua Greene's on Nicolas Joly's new book

New Media
Heather Irwin interviews the Rat Caster

Mediterranean Summer Overview by Peter Liem

Shopper’s Guide

Northeastern Italian Whites



Vinho Verde

American New Releases

Imported New Releases


The News from Dry Creek
A new generation takes charge at the region's pioneering winery, and biodynamic farming gains a foothold. Wolfgang M. Weber reports.

Sonoma Valley Zin
David Darlington talks with the families who tend three of California's most venerated zinfandel vineyards, all within Sonoma Valley.

Campania's Fiano
Wolfgang M. Weber finds some of Italy's most distinctive whites under the volcano of Mt. Vesuvius and by the sea in Cilento

Hilltop Wines of Crete
Tara Q. Thomas explores these ancient Mediterranean vineyards, once farmed by the Venetians

Muscadet's Cru Communal
Peter Liem tastes the new wines of Muscadet, impressive whites focused on the gabbro, gneiss and schist soils in the western Loire.

Pacific Cubism
Patricio Tapia masters the classical Andean art of ceviche-and what to drink with it.