Wineries to Watch: Villalobos

By Patricio Tapia


At first glance (and second glance, too) the Villalobos family vineyard in Lolol, on the coast of the Colchagua Valley, is a mess. The vines climb up trees, over shrubs and across the ground through the weeds. They call it su viñedo silvestre, a vineyard that had grown wild for more than half a century until 2009, when they decided to make wine from it. Only then did they discover that the vines were carignan. They made 5,000 bottles of Villalobos Carignan Viñedo Silvestre, a cloudy, rosé-hued wine so fresh, juicy and wild that you'll want to drink it in summer, by the pool, especially if there are sausages on the grill.

This article first appeared in Wine & Spirits Annual Buying Guide, November 2013.